About Us

    Borvin Beverage Franchise Corporation (BBFC) was formed by Don Mikovch in 1992.

    Prior to forming BBFC, Mikovch served as CEO of several international high technology and broadcasting companies, where he received numerous awards and recognitions for his business achievements. In 1985 and after extensive world travel, he created Borvin Beverage (formerly Borvin Wines International), a wine importer and wholesale distributor located in Alexandria, Virginia.  The knowledge and experience gained from the success of Borvin Beverage and Borvin Wines International resulted in the franchise concept and operation. Today, BBFC remains the first and only wine wholesale distribution franchisor in the United States.

    BBFC offers its wine wholesale distribution franchise throughout the United States. We estimate that less than 300 franchise territories will be available, an average of less than 5 per state. However, some states will have more or less depending on their market potential.


    BBFC will provide franchisees and consumers with high quality products at affordable prices. BBFC procurement staff inspects, monitors and visits with wine suppliers to assure quality, value, and price. BBFC imports directly from producers, eliminating any “middlemen” costs and providing the franchisee and consumer with great price and value.

    Most of the wines that BBFC owns and imports are private label wines. Considerable time, money and effort has been spent to produce these brands. The use of private labeled wine is unique in that it allows for BBFC to control the sale of its brands and to avoid potential distribution problems. Private label branding also gives BBFC the unique ability to create the first national alcohol distribution network in the United States.