Franchisee Profile

    BBFC estimates that less than 300 franchise territories will be established throughout the US, averaging only 5 per state. However, some states will have more or less depending upon their market potential. In order for those limited franchises to be successful, BBFC only selects the most competent and qualified candidates after a thorough personality and financial screening process. BBFC typically looks for the following traits:

    • Entrepreneurial spirit with a strong desire to succeed
    • A strong business background with special emphasis on people-handling skills and financial management
    • Willingness to devote full-time and best efforts
    • Willingness to comply with the standards and requirements of the BBFC system
    • Financial ability to make an initial investment of approximately $75,000 – $125,000 for a leased office/warehouse, fixtures, delivery vehicle, equipment maintenance, initial franchise fee and working capital, and;
    • Additional capitalization of 1 to 3 years, in addition to the Franchise Start-up Investment, to sustain the business during its development phase. We have found this usually requires liquid assets of $250,000.

    The BBFC concept is designed for growth and expansion into different product lines.