Wine List


    Chateau Anniche Red – Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux
    A fine bottle-aged red wine produced in limited quantities. Bold taste of herbs and spices. An excellent addition to any wine collection! Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Malbec (10%)

    Chateau Anniche White – Bordeaux
    Magnificent bouquet that fills the room upon pulling the cork. Fresh, light with wonderful qualities of green meadows and fruit. Exceptional with hors d’oeuvres, fish and fowl. Semillon (75%), Sauvignon Blanc (20%), Muscadelle (5%)

    Chateau du Grand Abord Red – Graves
    Full-bodied, robust and oak-aged with rich currants and berry flavors. An excellent wine from an exceptional vintage. Merlot (80%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%)

    Chateau Haut-Roquefort – Cadillac
    A delicious, sweet wine made by the famous noble rot process. Essences of pear and honey with a long, delicious finish. Excellent with desserts or serve as an aperitif with Roquefort or Blue Cheese. Semillon (100%)

    Chateau La Courtiade Red – Bordeaux Superiour
    Brilliant, deep ruby color with berry fragrances. Full and delicious. One of the finest bottle-aged red Bordeaux wines imported into the United States! Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (35%), Cabernet Franc (10%)

    Chateau La Gorce – Medoc
    Brilliant, deep ruby with slight amber around the edges. Full bouquet with berry fragrances. Full bodied with aggressiveness to the palate and velvety finish. Cabernet Sauvignon (65%), Merlot (25%), Cabernet Franc (10%)

    Chateau Lalande Meric Rose – Bordeaux
    A classic example of how Rose wines should taste. Dry, bright berry aromas with ripe fruit flavors. Serve well chilled. Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Malbec (10%)

    Cuvee de Bord Chardonnay – Bourgogne
    Aged in new French oak barrels. Full-bodied with a long pleasant aftertaste without the heavy butter and oak in western U.S. Chardonnays. Excellent with all white meats, seafood, pasta and rice dishes. Chardonnay (100%)

    Cuvee de Bord Pinot Noir – Bourgogne
    Full-bodied, fresh, fruity with essences of plums and black cherries. Great with all red meats, cuts of lamb and stews. Pinot Noir (100%)

    Cuvee Marinne


    BW Auslese – Rheinhessen
    Rich and sweet with a big, bold floral bouquet. Beautiful overtones of apricots and peaches. Serve well chilled as an aperitif or dessert. Riesling (100%)

    BW Kabinett – Rheinhessen
    A hint of sweetness with a beautiful bouquet and a smooth, delicious finish. Excellent with fish, fowl and pork. Perfect for sipping on the patio! Riesling (100%)

    BW Sekt Trocken – Mosel
    Enjoy this delicate German Sekt- Germany ‘s answer to French Champagne. Elegant with light and refreshing bubbles. Riesling (100%)

    BW Spatlese – Rheinhessen
    Medium-sweet with a beautiful bouquet of fruit and honey. Soft and fruity with an elegant aftertaste. Delicious with pork and fowl dishes or for just sipping on the patio! Riesling (100%)


    Gualala River – Sonoma County
    Aged 12 months in 1-3 year old American and French oak barrels. Full-bodied with round, soft textures. Excellent flavors with an elongated finish. Produced in the classic style of the St. Emilion region of France. Cabernet Sauvignon (100%)

    Emiles Champagne – California
    This very pleasant California sparkling wine combines refreshing effervescence with just a touch of sweetness to make a sparkling wine everyone will love. Blend of French Colombard, Chenin Blanc and Muscat Alexandria

    Emiles Port – California
    A nice, fortified wine that’s perfect for enjoying as an aperitif or in cooler weather.

    Emiles Premium Red – California
    A pleasant blend of buoyant aromas and flavors of cherry/berry fruit, wood and forest flowers. Soft and drinkable with a wide range of cuisines. Zinfandel and Petit Syrah blend

    Emiles Premium White – California
    Medium-dry table wine that displays fresh apple aromas, rounded fruit flavors and a crisp finish. Recommended with seafood, fowl and spicy foods. Blend of French Columbard, Chenin Blanc and Thompson (seedless)

    Guglielmo Petit Syrah Reserve – Santa Clara Valley
    Lovely ripe berry and grape aromas touched by a kiss of honey and spice. The sublime dark fruit and spice aromas follow through onto the palette where they are joined by subtle oak and firm tannins in a warm and resinous finish. Perfect for grilled beef, leg of lamb, and game dishes. Petite Syrah (100%)

    Guglielmo Sangiovese Reserve – Santa Clara Valley
    Zesty fresh fruit character with hints of ripe black cherries and blackberries. Well-rounded with sufficient elegance and finesse to accompany a wide range of foods. Sangiovese (90%), Zinfandel (10%)

    Guglielmo Zinfandel Reserve – California
    This delightful wine, produced from fine Red Zinfandel grapes, is distinguished by its delicate blush color. Intense berry-like aromas and a fresh, fruity taste present a crisp, clean finish. Perfect as an aperitif or accompaniment to a wide selection of food. Zinfandel (100%)

    TRE Cabernet Sauvignon

    TRE Chardonnay

    TRE Merlot

    TRE White Zinfandel


    Sarabande Viura-Chardonnay
    Sarabande Tempranillo
    Sarabande Garnacha
    Sarabande Crianza